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  1. Unreal Asset 4.27 4.26 4.25 4.24  [SCANS] Abandoned Factory Buildings - Day/Night Scene

    Marketplace Link Fly-through: https://youtu.be/KF_GxS1NTA8 Walk-through: https://youtu.be/T01PHyUa0g8 Abandoned buildings in the middle of the old factory. Scene contains high detailed objects like modular elevations, contains bricks, pipes, pallets, trash-bags and many more to build such a...
  2. Unreal Asset FREE 4.26  Character Factory Vol. 1 Special Forces

    Video Overview: YOUTUBE Integration to Advanced Locomotion System v3 (tutorial): YOUTUBE How to add custom decal (tutorial): YOUTUBE Integrating to Character Interaction pack (tutorial):YOUTUBE Modularity overview (mix with other characters):YOUTUBE Find characters with compatable modular...
  3. Unreal Asset 4.26  Weapon Factory Pistol

    Video Overview: YOUTUBE Weapon Factory is a modular constructor to make your very own custom weapon. By using different elements from the provided library you will be able to make new guns in a few clicks. Good detailed modular elements optimized for First person camera view. Pack delivered as a...
  4. Request  Character Factory Vol10 Sniper

    THE CHARACTER FACTORY. Characters in this series are fully modular with the main idea to keep cross-compatibility between assets. DESCRIPTION This characters pack has in-depth customization and can be used to create a various look. Use camouflage patterns and colour customization to make...
  5. Unreal Asset 5.00 4.27 4.26 4.25  Old Factory

    MARKETPLACE LINK Old factory industrial environment, includes modular buildings with interiors, props and vehicles. VIDEO - https://youtu.be/xDruYK6jHk4 Technical Details Features: Modular buildings with simple interiors Vehicles with color variations: VAN and truck. Many props like...
  6. Unreal Asset 4.27 4.26 4.25  Weapon Factory Pistol

    Daily visits to this forum and comments add scripts to your piggy bank. With their help, you can unblock hidden links to content. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY AND YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST FRESH ARRIVALS. The Patron status gives you access to links without scripts. Video Overview: Weapon...
  7. Unreal Asset 4.22  Abandoned Factory

    Marketplace: Abandoned Factory by RonaldHoutermans in Environments - UE4 Marketplace This environment is basically a factory floor interior, which was used as a paper mill. It has been abandoned for a while and nature is slowly starting to take over. A lot of time went into building this...

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