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  1. Unreal Asset 4.27  [UE4] 1950s NYC Environment Megapack ( Modular with Interiors and Characters)

    WARNING : This is a very big asset to download. From Marketplace Here is our 7 months of hardworking as Leartes Team , 1950s NYC Environment Megapack with over 1150 Unique Meshes , a lot of BluePrints for easy use , Merged Building Parts for less Drawcalls in scene , we did our best for...
  2. Unreal Asset 4.27 4.26 4.25 4.24  Medieval Village Megapack - Meshingun Studio 4.27

    1 Pre-Assembled Map (Showcase) Snowy/rainy/clear weather Sublevels Overcast/sunny lighting Sublevels 1 Overview Map Modular assets Tools with instructions Unique assets Free Playable Demo build Female NPC character Customizable NPC character Variations Epic skeleton 4 Master-Shaders...
  3. Unreal Asset Asset+Manifest 4.27  Viking Village Environment Megapack

    Viking Village Environment Megapack Here is our 8 months of team work of Leartes . We have higly relied on Quality of Assets and Showcase Level Art .All Buildings are made by Concept Arts , Our Concept Art team has created unique Concepts for all of our Buildings . The Pack includes 285...
  4. I need Barnyard Megapack and i have 120 script.İf you have please help me

    Hello all i need Barnyard Megapack and i have jsut 120 script.i can give 120 script for that.Please if you have this asset help me
  5. Request  I give you 1000 Scrip!!! Viking Village Environment Megapack ( Modular with Interiors )

    I give you 1000 scrip or a download link to Worldscape Plugin Here is our 8 months of team work of Leartes . We have higly relied on Quality of Assets and Showcase Level Art .All Buildings are made by Concept Arts , Our Concept Art team has created unique Concepts for all of our Buildings ...
  6. Unreal Asset 4.26  Drivable Cars: Essential Megapack 9 CARS 3d assets and blueprints

    Marketplace Link new update with improved physics! ----------------------------- watch presentation video watch demo video ----------------------------- ----------------------------- First collection of our GTA Style Driveable Cars Series. A pack of 9 detailed vehicles fully rigged, with...
  7. Exclusive Unreal Plugin 4.26  Gothic Mega Pack by Meshingun Studio

    One of the main focuses of the pack is modularity and customizability to give users a wide range of choices. All the modular assets in this pack are snappable to the grid for easy assembly. The master materials used inside the pack give the user easy access to modify parameters globally...
  8. Exclusive  UMA Mega Pack - Atavism

    Price: $999.00 UMA Mega Pack contains: ✔️5 Human Cloth Armors ✔️4 Human Leather Armors ✔️5 Human Plate Armors ✔️Orc Race ✔️12 Orc Armors ✔️Dwarf Race ✔️12 Dwarf Armors ✔️Goblin Race ❌12 Goblin Armors (will be provided in the future updates, and you will get access to them) ✔️Ogre Race ❌12 Ogre...
  9. Unreal Asset 4.25 4.24  Cyberpunk MEGApack Environment Bundle(Duplicate of dead thread)

    Cyberpunk Environment Bundle contains three cyberpunk themed environments in one package for better total value. You can build custom levels in realistic and cyberpunk/sci-fi style. All packages are AAA game quality and have PBR materials. Have large number of props, materials and textures for...
  10. Unreal Asset Exclusive 4.25  Medieval Village Megapack with Interiors

    https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/medieval-village-megapack-with-interiors Medieval Village Pack includes various high-quality assets allowing users to create Middle Age village environments. The package includes village houses (both wood and stone), village house...

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