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Asset Modifications


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Sep 15, 2020
How to run the downloaded asset if it does not have an uproject file?
There are several ways to solve this issue, we will consider the simplest one.

1. Create a folder anywhere and name it with the name of the project you downloaded, or whatever you like. Open it and create a folder Content in it.

2. Launch the Unreal Engine launcher and find any working project in your library under MY PROJECTS. Right click on it and select Show in folder.
Snap_2022.02.14 11.06.48_001.jpg
Snap_2022.02.14 11.32.16_003.jpg

Copy the Сonfig folder and the project file to the folder you created. Using any text editor, rename the .uproject file to the name of your asset.

3. Transfer the asset you downloaded to the Content folder.
Attention! (the name of the folder with the asset should not contain spaces)

4. Run the project by double-clicking the left mouse button on your newly created project file.

5. This will allow you to launch a project that has definitions in the Unreal Engine marketplace (Asset Pack or Complete Project)
Snap_2022.02.14 12.10.03_004.jpg

I'm running a project but all the materials in it are broken?

As strange as it may seem, this is a fairly common mistake if you got an asset from an outside resource. And here the point is that the one who distributed the project was too lazy to archive it correctly.
This problem is solved quite simply. To do this, you will need any text editor (in our case, we use Notepad ++)

1. You will need to check the filename extension box.
Snap_2022.02.14 16.17.00_001.jpg

2. In the folder with the downloaded asset, find the Map or Maps or Level folder. Sometimes it may be called differently. It always stores files with the .umap extension. That's what we need.
Snap_2022.02.14 16.35.07_002.jpg

3. Open this file with a text editor, and find the line in it that will contain the entry /Game/
This is usually in the top lines (no need to look through the entire document).

4. After /Game/ there will be the correct name of the folder where your asset should be stored.
Snap_2022.02.14 16.59.28_003.jpg

For each asset, this is the name of the folder in which it was created.
Copy it and rename the folder in your asset if it had a different name.

5. /Game/ - is your Content folder

6. Run the project and you will see that all materials will become working.
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