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Mar 12, 2020
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***Second iteration of this mod.***

Generally based on GameSDK FPS/TPS shooter projects, but users can also add this to custom C# or C++ projects. Source files included.


• Designed for FPS/TPS tactical shooter projects.
• Minimap (radar) with compass feature instead of compass-only.
• Re-designed weapon & ammo indicators with rounded bars.
• Re-designed objective indicators for a more clear look.
• Added objective indicator on top of the radar. (Can be toggled between main and radar)
• Added secondary objective indicator with minimap icons.
• Added objective description indicators.
• Re-designed message box. Size of the message boxes are lowered for a small/clean look.
• Added objective distance meter on bottom of the minimap.
• Health indicator moved to bottom of the minimap and size lowered.
• Added oxygen indicator with scaling-bar.
• Weapon customization menu completely re-designed with mouse events for easy and quick use.
• Added weapon wheel for selecting weapons quickly.
• Added graphic quality control panel, that gives full control of graphical options with some features.
• Added vehicle control panel to get help about vehicle control buttons. (Can be toggled on/off)
• Added simple speed meter for ground vehicles. Modified over original Demo-Speedo meter.
• Re-designed message boxes and added button-controlling message box v2 with colored footer.
• Added dynamically-scaling message page.
• Re-designed intro screen with clean look.
• Re-designed in-game map page for bigger look for the maps of levels.
• Added button-controlling stack message. (Example; grabbing NPCs for execution)
• Added silhouette to humans and ammo crates for easy-look.
• Added killing effects, like red-crosshair, screen shake and feedbacks for controllers. (Feedback feature is still in progress)
• Removed some tags (etc. Follow, Kill) from previous AXPR Modern UI System.
• Added simple objective tag instead of Kill, Reach, Follow ones.
• Added optional rounded minimap. See instructions for usage.


• This project is designed for 1920x1080 resolution, but can be dynamically-scaled up to 4K.
• You can change resolution of UI elements by editing their source files.


• Radar not working after loading second level in one session. This is engine-related.
• Speed meter may disappear or won't work after pressing some menu buttons in a vehicle.
• Please wait for 1-2 second and wait for "ACTION SUCCESSFUL" message disappear after pressing buttons on graphic control panel and weapon customization menu. Otherwise, selected controls may not be applied.
• All attachments may automatically detach after pressing customization menu button.
• "OUT OF AMMO" message may appear after changing weapons and throwing a grenade.
• There may be some leveling bugs on rounded radar system.

Technical Details:
Version number1.0
Zipped size39.77MB
Unzipped size52.58MB

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