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Exclusive [Blender] FLIP Fluids addon v1.4.0 (Stable 7 June)


Jun 30, 2021
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What is the FLIP Fluids addon?​

The FLIP Fluids addon is a tool that helps you set up, run, and render liquid simulation effects. Our custom built fluid engine is based around the popular FLIP simulation technique that is also found in other professional tools such as Houdini, Phoenix FD, Bifrost, and Mantaflow. The FLIP Fluids engine has been in constant development for over four years with a large focus on tightly integrating the simulator into Blender as an addon. It just feels like a native Blender tool!

With our reputation for delivering high quality software and outstanding customer support, the FLIP Fluids addon is one of the best selling products on the Blender Market.

High Performance
The core fluid engine, written in C++, is designed for running high performance computations and massive physics calculations efficiently. Multithreaded and extensively optimized, this simulator is built for speed.

Whitewater Effects
Create awesome large scale fluid effects with the whitewater simulator. Generate and simulate millions of foam, bubble, and spray particles to give a sense of realism to large bodies of water.

High Viscosity Effects
Use the high accuracy viscosity solver to simulate thin silky-smooth liquids, thick fluids that buckle and coil, and anything in between. You will be able to simulate thicker fluid in Blender than you could ever before!

Surface Tension Effects
Create beautiful small-scale fluid effects with surface tension! Simulate the natural cohesion of surface molecules that cause fluids to form into beads, drip, and add an elastic look to splashes.

Built-in Mesh Generation
The built-in mesher generates highly detailed meshes so that your fluid surface is render-ready immediately after simulation. This mesh generator is memory efficient and able to produce meshes containing millions of triangles without requiring massive amounts of RAM.

Fracture Modifier Support
Create interesting destruction simulations by using the FLIP Fluids addon with the
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. The fluid engine is optimized to support fractured objects that may contain hundreds to thousands of individual pieces.

Why choose FLIP Fluids?​

Fluid simulation software can be intimidating, complex, and difficult to work with, but it does not need to be. We believe that usability should come first when designing a simulation tool. A simulator might contain the most advanced technology in the world, but if it is not usable, reliable, and flexible, it will not be a tool that is useful or enjoyable to the artist.

Our goal is to improve on many aspects of the built-in Blender fluid simulator such as usability, stability, customization, and to prevent common problems that we see artists encounter when working with simulation systems. We want to provide you with the tools, learning resources, and workflows to assist you in creating beautiful effects as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Pause and Resume Baking
Bake simulations on your own schedule! Our smart caching system allows you to pause and resume simulation baking- even after a Blender crash. Did you notice a mistake halfway through the simulation? No need to restart the simulation from the beginning, you can update your setup and resume baking from an earlier frame.

Easily Contained Fluid
Containing fluid inside of an object is a common scenario in many fluid effects. With our
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, you can simply enable an option to make your object a hollow container to perfectly contain fluid without any leaks!

Smooth Meshing Against Objects
Our mesh generator can perfectly handle meshing fluid against flat or curved surfaces, an improvement over the severe voxelization of the built-in Elbeem fluid simulator. No more mesh artifacts poking through your wine glass!

Tutorial Series and Documentation
Learning fluid simulation does not need to be difficult. Get started with FLIP Fluids by following our
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. While using the addon, hover over any option for a detailed tooltip. Visit our extensive
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for tips, notes, and detailed descriptions of settings and how they can be used.

Responsive UI and Feedback
Being able to see feedback on how your simulation is progressing is essential to a good workflow. The simulator is designed to run in the background so that Blender is still completely usable during simulation. You will be able to view new frames as the simulation progresses while setting up materials and lighting for render. Detailed statistics are provided as your simulation runs to help you understand how your set up is performing.

Beginner Friendly
Are you new to fluid simulation? We have a beginner friendly mode just for you! The FLIP Fluids addon contains a plethora of settings for customizing your simulation, but this can make the UI intimidating to new users. Enabling Beginner Friendly Mode will hide the more advanced settings so that you can focus on the common settings that are used the most.

Debugging Tools
Is your simulation not running as expected? We provide you with helpful built-in tools that you can use to
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. Visualize the simulation grid to better understand how grid detail relates to resolution. Visualize how the simulator is converting your obstacles into solid volumes to diagnose problems related to geometry and insufficient resolution.

Stable, Reliable, and Built for You
The FLIP Fluids addon has been tested by thousands of users, including over 250 beta testers to ensure that this complex simulation system is reliable, intuitive, and ready for you to use in your projects. We listen to your feedback and add your suggestions. This addon is built for you!

Is FLIP Fluids right for your project?​

The FLIP Fluids addon is a liquid simulation tool based on the popular FLIP simulation method. You should always choose the right tool for the job, and like a hammer, this addon might not always be the right tool to use.

We want to be honest about what the FLIP Fluids addon can and cannot do. There may be limitations in the FLIP Fluids development project, limitations of fluid simulation, or limitations of Blender that may affect success in creating your desired fluid effect.
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Incredible Value​

This is the most affordable fluid simulation tool you will ever buy. Other professional fluid simulation packages can run you hundreds to upwards of a thousand dollars per year for a license.

For a one time purchase of $76 (USD), you will gain access to the full FLIP Fluids simulation product which includes all future updates and customer support. Do you want to work entirely within Blender? Then this is the best value you will get!

What you get:

  • The FLIP Fluids addon installation file
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    with lighting and render setups
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  • Access to all future updates and new features
  • Full addon and engine source code
Want a free trial? Install the free
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today! No sign up necessary.

System Requirements​

  • Windows, MacOS, or Linux operating system
  • Blender 2.79 or 2.8+* or 2.9+ (64-bit)
  • CPU 64-bit Intel® or AMD® or Apple Silicon multi-core processor
  • 8 GB RAM minimum, 16 GB or more of RAM memory is highly recommended
*Blender Support on MacOS: Due to a MacOS specific
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in versions 2.80, 2.81, and 2.82, these Blender versions cannot be supported. Blender 2.79 or 2.83+ or 2.9+ are required for MacOS.

Release Notes​

The latest version of the FLIP Fluids addon is v1.1.0 (20-AUG-2021).
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