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Exclusive [Blender Plugin] Smudgr Pro - 1 Click Photorealism


Jun 30, 2021
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Smudgr Pro, is a huge update to the addon that was previously called Smudgr & Scratchr Bundle.

This addon puts adding photorealism to your models and materials at your fingertips! Either use one of the presets (see picture below) or use the extensive features for manual editing.

Why do I need surface imperfections?

Nothing in the real world is perfectly clean, flat or scratchless. If you try to achieve photorealism - you have perfected your models, lighting and textures, but everything is perfectly clean. something seems off. This is where surface imperfections come in. They change the reflection of the material, which means their visibility is linked to the angle you are looking at it. This works the same way dust, smudges, fingerprints etc. appear in the real world.

Main features:

  • Add dust and adjust where it was wiped away with influence maps
  • Add scratches with one of the 15 included 4K scratch maps
  • Add smudges and stains with one of the 25 included 4K smudge maps
  • Texture painting for all effects
  • Cavity map baking and live mode
  • Edge wear baking and live mode
  • Water droplets for glass
  • Anti tiling for large surfaces
  • Add color to your smudges and scratches with Base Color Mixing
Update log:
Update 1 (May 14 2020):
Fixed a bug causing an error on MacOS and Linux. Added a separate .py file for MacOS and Linux users, the changes from this file will be merged with the main file in the next update.

Smudgr Pro update (July 28 2020): Huge update introducing a lot of new features, see description above.

Update V1_03 (July 29 2020): Fixed a bug causing an error on MacOS and Linux.

Updated SMR_Files (July 31 2020): Added a missing file that resulted in an error message while baking

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