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Control heads up a new batch of Xbox Game Pass games for January

Xbox-Game-Pass-January-2021-late-1280x719.jpg We find ourselves in the middle of January, and that means Microsoft has detailed a new batch of games that will be heading to Xbox Game Pass throughout the rest of the month. There are a lot of big-name titles hitting the service in the next couple of weeks, and most people with a Game Pass subscription will probably want …
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With hundreds of games in its library, day one releases of first-party Microsoft games, up to 20% discount on purchases, and a low monthly fee, Game Pass offers the most insane value I’ve ever seen in the gaming industry. I don’t even feel bad for not finishing games I don’t like anymore.

So what then? Is it good for consumers and bad for developers? Not really. Or at least it doesn’t seem to be.

Exact numbers flowing between Microsoft and developers who sign up for Game Pass haven’t been divulged but, generally speaking, developers seem quite happy with the deals they received. At a
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, Davionne Gooden of Studio Zevere said, “It’s still the biggest financial deal I’ve ever gotten, to the point where I had to ask them to repeat the numbers on the phone call.” And at a
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, Dino Patti, co-founder of Playdead and Jumpfish, stated that “Game Pass is the first time subscription is what could be considered fair for developers.”

Consumers get a good deal, developers get a good deal, everybody gets a good deal. Looking at it this way, everything seems fine right now. But I see a dark, foreboding shadow in our future. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. And I see it, well, all over the internet if you know where to look.

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