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IC7 Asset iClone The Oval Office in PBR


Staff member
May 9, 2020

The Oval Office & Rose Garden in PBR by Tirgames

This pack contains the Oval Office complete scene fully furnished. The Ceiling and two ends can be hidden for better camera angles. All the props inside the Oval Office are set up as sub-props, so you can move, replicate or delete as required.

You also get as a separate prop, the Rose Garden with various buildings, shrubbery, etc. including the building shell that houses the Oval Office.

There are two versions of the Oval Office - one that stands alone at 0/0/0 and a positioned one that you can use to add to the Rose Garden. To use both props together,

a) Load the Rose Garden

b) Load the Oval Office Positioned

3) On the Rose Garden building that houses the oval office, find the "Windows" and "Frame" under the Header "Exterior" and uncheck the visibility. These are duplicated on the "Oval Office Positioned". Having both loaded would be useful for indoor scenes where you want to see the Rose Garden thorugh the window, or for scenes on the patio area so you can see the furnished Oval Office through the window.

There is also another folder titled "Singles" that contains all the props within the Oval Office - useful for adding to the scene or use in other projects.

Feel free to add your own iClone trees and bushes.

Renders are from Unity, however, I've included several renders labelled "iClone Render" to show the beauty of this package.

Installs as follows:





  • Set > Props (48)
    Bookcase_1_Stacked , Bookcase_2_Stacked , Bookcase_Empty , Books_10_Brown , Books_10_Green , Books_10_Red , Books_5_Brown , Books_5_Green , Books_5_Red , Chair_Leather , Chair_President , Chair_Stripe , Coffee_Table , Desk_President , End_Table , Flag_1 , Flag_2 , Flag_3 , Flag_4 , Grandfather_Clock , Lamp , Oval_Office , Oval_Office_Positioned , Phone , Photo_Frame_1 , Photo_Frame_2 , Picture_1 , Picture_2 , Picture_3 , Plate_1 , Plate_2 , Plate_3 , Pot_Apples , Pot_Flowers , Rose_Garden , Side_Table , Sofa_1 , Sofa_2 , Statue_3 , Statue_4 , Statue_6 , Statue_7 , Table , Table_Long , Vase_1 , Vase_2 , Vase_3 , Vase_4

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