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Exclusive InstaLOD Studio XL v2020b


Jun 30, 2021
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InstaLOD Studio XL is the holistic 3D processing platform that finally makes it easy to convert complex scenes into usable assets. InstaLOD Studio XL draws your content with a stunning physically based renderer and gives you direct access to the powerful features of our technology. Interoperability between InstaLOD Pipeline and a versatile plugin interface make InstaLOD Studio XL stand out from the crowd.

Limitless Interoperability.
Studio XL features more than 50 distinct file import formats and more than 10 file export formats. This wide spectrum of supported file formats ranges from industry-standard formats such as FBX or GLTF to proprietary NURBS or BREP based formats such as CATIA.

Limitless Extensibility.
Studio XL is a powerful 64-bit platform that can be extended through a native C++ interface. Easily add support for additional file formats, extend the rules engine, modify the viewport rendering or implement new algorithms — anything is possible.

Render Massive Scenes.
Realtime per-object occlusion culling enables Studio XL to render gigantic scenes with thousands of draw-calls at high framerates. On top of this, the viewport is powered by a post processing pipeline that renders effects such as emissive lights or fullscreen antialiasing.

Scale your Processing.
Processing profiles created with Studio XL can be directly used with InstaLOD Pipeline. The same applies to Studio XL plugins or file import and export capabilities. Setup your process in Studio XL and scale it to process hundreds of files with a single click.

Casual Time Travelling.
Every time you execute a mesh operation a snapshot of the profile and the scene will be saved in the processing timeline. This enables you to go back and forth in your timeline or convert your timeline into a profile that execute all steps as a combined operation.

Built-in Baking.
Studio XL features dedicated texture baking-technology that can easily handle gigantic scenes. InstaLOD's baker is able to generate a wide spectrum of different textures used for rendering or texturing workflows: from ambient occlusion to curvature maps.

File size is 901 MB, zippyshare has 2 Parts & uploaded.net single link
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