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NAPP (Not Another Photorealistic Pack) Prismarine Tier


Community Founder
Staff member
Nov 26, 2019
NAPP 3.0 Nether Update is finally here…


This update has been a wild ride! So many different and challenging blocks to redesign, new bugs to fix, and so many obstacles to overcome… but it is finally here! Thanks everyone for being patient with both me and the project.
The free release of this update took a while because it overlapped with the creation of the new website, which is the lobby for all the free NAPP downloads (and some more secret projects that are about to come) and it is also finished!
But let's stop talking about the web (who gives a fudge?!) and let's see all the new stuff that comes with NAPP 3.0:
  • Netherrack (4x4 CTM texture)
  • Netherrack ores (quartz and gold) (3 variants each)
  • Nylium (crimson and warped)
  • Wart (nether and warped)
  • Shroomlight
  • Glowstone
  • Nether logs (crimson and warped) (w. emissive textures)
  • Nether stripped logs (crimson and warped) (w. emissive textures)
  • Nether bricks (bricks, cracked bricks and chiseled)
  • Red nether bricks (bricks, cracked bricks and chiseled)
  • Blackstone (regular and gilded)
  • Polished blackstone (bricks, cracked bricks, polished and chiseled)
  • Quartz blocks (regular, polished, bricks, pillar and chiseled)
  • Basalt (smooth and regular)
  • Ancient debris
  • Lodestone
  • Respawn anchor (animated)
  • Bone block
  • Crying obsidian (animated)
  • Soul sand
  • Soul soil
  • Netherite block
  • Magma (animated)
  • Doors (iron, acacia, birch, crimson, dark oak, jungle, oak, spruce and warped)
  • Trapdoors (iron, acacia, birch, crimson, dark oak, jungle, oak, spruce and warped)
  • Portal texture (animated)
  • New panorama background
  • New menu buttons texture
  • New hotbar design
  • Grass block (removed POM for performance improvement)
  • Gravel (complete redesign)
  • Sand block (redesign and removed POM for performance improvement)
  • White wool block (better color)
  • Obsidian (better POM and specular)
  • Wood planks (redesign and more accurate colors)
  • Logs (redesign and more accurate colors)
  • Stripped logs (redesign and more accurate colors)
And that’s all folks! I just wanted to apologise once again for the delay. I know that it is not fair for the people outside Patreon to wait this long, because the Patreon objective itself is, precisely, to make it possible to support the creation of NAPP and make it free and accessible for everyone. So thank you all for being patient and understanding, it has been a rough couple of months at work but NAPP 3.0 is finally out!

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