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Unreal Asset 4.26 Planetarium Planet Blueprint


Jun 30, 2021
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Blueprint controlled Planet for earth like Planets along with a space sphere. The Blueprint uses a height map as input data for continents, hills and oceans along with masks for cities and deserts. The complete texturing of the Planet is driven by the height map and everything can be edited and adjusted on a Blueprint instance base so there is no need to edit materials. The Planet Blueprint features control over the atmosphere as well as cloud distribution. The Blueprint has animated normal maps for the coastal and ocean waves and dynamic clouds form over the oceans and dissolve over the land masses.
The Source artwork uses 4096 textures. The materials are set up to allow for procedural details from far out up to a close to surface orbit.
The package contains the Planet Master Blueprint that combines all elements required to build the planet in a single scene object. The package comes with example height maps and planet textures for earth like planets. The package offers also a procedural version that needs no artist input where the height map is driven by parameters in the Blueprint itself.
The Planetarium package features also the basic version of the Planetarium Universe Blueprint that creates a distortion-free assembled multi mesh sky sphere. The Universe Blueprint contains multiple 4096 textures in HDR, resulting in an overall Texel density of over 16384. This is an all in one solution for all kinds of space scenes that require a Planets.

Technical Details​

Use The Planet_Master_Procidural_City Blueprint if you like to create a Planet driven by parameters
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Use The Planet_Master_Artist Blueprint with you own height map as input
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Use the Planetarium_Universe Blueprint to get a sky sphere with stars, sun and sun light.

- 172 Textures
- 21 Meshes
- 26 Materials
- 1 Demo Map
- 3 Blueprints

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