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  • Exciting News! 🎉 Starting today, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our newest section: the 'Shards Market.' 🚀 Here, you'll find a marketplace where you can anonymously sell or purchase assets using SHARDS. What makes it truly special? It empowers everyone to trade for real money and get back a portion of that hard-earned cash you spent on buying assets! đź’° Discover more about this groundbreaking feature by visiting our Shards Market Rules page. Don't miss out—dive in now! 🌟

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Mar 2, 2023
Temp emails will not work here, you will be automatically rejected. Turn VPN off.


Registrations have been closed for a minute while we do some housekeeping, but we want a path for 3 types of people who want to join.

1. Owned asset sharer. You must be willing to prove you own what you actually want to share so you can update it! if you leeched it from somewhere else and post here it will soon become useless when you can't keep it updated or provide documentation / demo files.

Other people will use site currency to pay you to download your assets so you can download more things yourself. They must be unique, and must not be free / " free month " assets or something you made yourself, they must be on the UE marketplace / other marketplaces.

2. Group buy heroes. If you don't have any assets to share, but want to contribute a chunk to a war chest where we can buy new exclusive assets the group buy community wants, and when there is 50% and 70% off sales. You will receive assets you contributed to.

Depending on donation level, site currency can be given so you can also download some things immediately without waiting for daily scrip. There is also a section of good assets that unlock once you have reached a certain donation level to group buys.

3. Patron purchasers. You just want to leech the fat stack of assets in the main repository and patron section. With these Account Upgrades, you will get unlimited downloads without the need for site currency for the specified length of purchase. Patron sales help keep the lights on for the file/site hosting.

Site currency (scrip) is given out daily in small chunks if you keep logging in. Anyone can share assets to the main repository at any point if they want to get more site currency. Scrip is also given for being active on the forum.

If you are one of these people and want to join the community, please click the discord link on the top menu bar and message me directly.

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