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Premium Awards Earn Through Supporting the Forum
Become an Admin to Earn
Total awarded: 11
Become a Patron to Earn
Total awarded: 136
"I'm Batman"
Total awarded: 0
"Bond, James Bond"
Total awarded: 0
Hunter Awards
Award Hunter
Get More Than 10 Awards to Claim
Total awarded: 0
Bug Hunter
Find a Bug and Notify Admin of the Fix You Recommend
Total awarded: 1
Donator Awards Earn By Donating to the Forum
Donator I
Donate at Least $1.00
Total awarded: 28
Donator II
Donate ≥ $5.00 to the Forum
Total awarded: 25
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Donate ≥ $10.00 to the Forum
Total awarded: 23
Donator IV
Donate≥ $25.00 to the Forum
Total awarded: 6
Donator V
Donate ≥ $50.00 to the Forum
Total awarded: 3
Skill Awards Earn By Showing Off Your Skills
Demonstrate Expertise in Photography
Total awarded: 0
Demonstrate Expert Level Programming Skills
Total awarded: 2
Security Expert
Demonstrate Expert Level Security Skills
Total awarded: 1
If You're Lucky You'll Get it!
Total awarded: 1
Audio Expert
Demonstrate Expert Mixing Skills
Total awarded: 0
Graphic Artist
Demonstrate Expert Graphic Artist Skill
Total awarded: 1
Show Off Your Podcast
Total awarded: 0
Showcase your Stream
Total awarded: 0
Merit Awards Awarded By Fellow Members
Give Someone a Beer to Say Thank You!
Total awarded: 1
Content Cop
Submit More Than 10 reports on Broken Links
Total awarded: 2
PlayStation Fanboys Only
Total awarded: 1
Nintendo Nerds Only
Total awarded: 1
Xbox 4 Lifers
Total awarded: 0
Coffee Addict
Say Thanks with a Coffee
Total awarded: 0
Retro Gamer
Pixel junkies Only
Total awarded: 0
Total awarded: 152

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UDevStudio started as a simple response to all the other sites not caring about their community. We endeavor to build a prosperous forum for all to enjoy. We welcome all suggestions and forums to meet your needs.

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UDevStudio dedicates itself to providing you the best resources for your development projects. We strive to offer you the tools and space to speak your mind and discuss topics with your peers that will help you succeed in your endeavors.