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  1. Gaming News  GTA 6: Rockstar Games to implement a dynamic hair growth system just like Red Dead Redemption 2

    The Grand Theft Auto series forever changed the way gamers viewed open-world games. Because of its enormous popularity, Rockstar Games is now working on the sequel to GTA V. Devs named the next game in the series GTA 6. Rockstar Games will implement much more in GTA 6 while keeping practically...
  2. Gaming News  Battlefield 2042's Aiming System Undergoes Major Changes In Next Update

    DICE has announced a major change coming to Battlefield 2042 pertaining to aiming as part of a tweak that the developer believes will benefit players and the game in the long run. With the next update, the default setting for Uniform Soldier Aiming will be On as opposed to Off. This will cover...
  3. Gaming News  EA Sports PGA Tour Is Getting A New Swing System And Other Major Changes After Criticism

    EA Sports has announced major changes to EA Sports PGA Tour in the wake of criticism from fans, including an entirely new swing system, better camera angles, and putting improvements. Perhaps the biggest change is that EA Sports is bringing back the three-click swing system from past titles...
  4. Gaming News  System shock 1 remake had another delay to 30 may.

    System shock 1 remake had another delay to 30 May. Sadly šŸ˜­šŸ˜Ø

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