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  1. nirurin

    [Unreal] - What is the 'best' locomotion system for using/integrating right now?

    So I've seen that there's a bunch out there... TNT, VMM, UWM, ALS, ALC... TNT seems to include a lot of interesting features, though I'm not sure how easy it is to implement. All the rest seem to have a pretty similar feature set to each other, but they all implement in slightly different...
  2. theywhorise

    Howdy yall

    Morning all, I'm digging this forum and looking forward to chatting to yall more soon. I'm a beginner Unreal dev (not new to unreal as ive tried my hand to it on and off over the years without it ever really sticking but making more of a go of it this year) and beginner at blender looking to do...
  3. Getting started in creating an open sandbox, any ideas for those interested in pursuing such an idea? (In Unity, Unreal, etc.)

    I'm always fascinated by pursuing this kind of project and it got me thinking, which courses, assets, or practically anything do you recommend to achieve this idea? How would you structuralize it? What is the theme you hoped to achieve? What priorities do you need to keep track of? Online...
  4. Rakeda

    Hello, I'm a Unreal Generalist

    Hello, I am looking for unreal assets and stumbled upon this forum, excited to hang around meet you all!
  5. nipsnack

    Hi! Unreal user here :)

    Hi! I found this forum looking for a specific asset, that had been deleted on Sketchfab by the time I got there. Funny how things work out. This place seems really chill, so it's a lucky find :) I also use Unreal, but still as a novice. Anyway, nice to meet you all. Have a great day!
  6. frenchfry

    NANO: Unreal Engine Plugin for Cryptocurrency Microtransactions

    I wanted to pass this onto any developers interested in the option to integrate a cryptocurrency into their game projects. This hasn't been updated in a bit but I think there is probably going to be a new release eventually. I did manage to get this to load myself in UE 4.24 but I suspect it may...

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