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  1. 4.27  ALSV4+SGKV2+CMCS

    This pack includes the merge of ALSV4+SGKV2+CMCS and a few more projects. This is the best pack for creating your very own hardcore survival project. Videos of project: (Not All Features Shown) Download: -=Stripped Content=-
  2. UE4 Battle Royale Template

    This is a battle royale template 100% blueprint, 2 maps included. You can customize the server settings (Player count, Solo/duo/squad. Works with both dedicated and listen server. You can pickup weapons, items from the ground, add them to the inventory or auto-equip if it's a main weapon if one...
  3. Unreal Asset 4.27  UE4 - Luos's Free Rocks & Caves

    The purchasable package has more than 500 meshes, and much muuuuch more! This free package will work identical to the big package and contains: - 1 simplified master material. (Purchasable pack offers more features) - 2 new materials. (4096 res, Albedo, Roughness, Normal) - Few new Material...
  4. Unreal Asset 4.27  [UE4] 1950s NYC Environment Megapack ( Modular with Interiors and Characters)

    WARNING : This is a very big asset to download. From Marketplace Here is our 7 months of hardworking as Leartes Team , 1950s NYC Environment Megapack with over 1150 Unique Meshes , a lot of BluePrints for easy use , Merged Building Parts for less Drawcalls in scene , we did our best for...
  5. Creating MMO Fantasy Steampunk UE4

    I accept scrip donations to buy pack .
  6. C

    Hello all intermediate game dev here using UE4

    Just started getting back into the groove of things. Lost my whole game project due to windows wiping drive when it forced me to upgrade to 11. Downgraded back to 10 and starting all over again
  7. NextLevel

    4.27  KitBash 3D - Military Outpost UE4

    My first share to the community :) REWRITE THE ART OF WAR Bring all your modern wars and military worlds to life with this kit’s encampments, watchtowers, concrete walls, cargo containers, bunkers, barbed wire fences, weapons, ammo, sandbags, generators, crates and so much more. With over 200...
  8. Unreal Asset 4.27 4.26  Manequinn with hair for UE4 groom plugin(alembic hair)

    Daily visits to this forum and comments add scripts to your piggy bank. With their help, you can unblock hidden links to content. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY AND YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST FRESH ARRIVALS. The Patron status gives you access to links without scripts. This is a Real-Time...
  9. semi-demon

    Hi all

    Hello everybody. I'm a beginner dev, just started learning Unreal Engine 4 a couple of weeks ago. I'm mostly interested in creating a 2D sidescroller action platformer. I also have a concept for a tower defence game I'd like to try making once I have more experience and knowledge with UE4.
  10. Unreal Asset Asset+Manifest 4.27 4.26 <4.21  Kubold UE4 Animset PRO 10 in 1 + (source FBX files)

    Daily visits to this forum and comments add scripts to your piggy bank. With their help, you can unblock hidden links to content. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY AND YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST FRESH ARRIVALS. The Patron status gives you access to links without scripts. Unreal Engine 4 – Kubold...
  11. S

    Anybody else working with Daz and UE4?

    I'm developing a way to export the characters in a modular fashion with all the textures in an Atlas, into UE4 with shared rigging and physics asset.
  12. Unreal Asset 4.27 4.26  Ultimate Traversal Anims

    UE4 STORE: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/zh-CN/product/ultimate-traversal-anims Production Description Total Animations: 243 Balance Beam 11 Bar Swing 19 Climb 25 Door 2 Fence 7 Gate 1 Hole 4 Ladder 10 Ledge 7 Ledge Walk 16 Movement 59 Narrow Space 6 Platform 8 Single Leg Jumps 12...
  13. Crimson

    Good Day

    Hello everyone, just a quick note to say hello. Also to mention that I am new to the forums but looking to contribute more to the forum and it's members. I have a bunch of UE4 and New UE5 courses that I can post or trade for assets. I am just getting used to the forum and it's rules, so bear...
  14. Unreal Asset 4.27 4.26  GreatDualBlade_animset

    GreatDualBlade animset UE4 STORE: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/greatdualblade-animset DL:-=Stripped Content=- Main Animation List : attack 4 combo 27 roll 4 avoid 4 dead 5 defense 4 down 2 hit 6 idle 1 buff 1 jump 2 movement 16 rise 4 unequip &equip 2
  15. Unreal Asset 4.27 4.26  Goblin Sword Shield AnimSet

    UE4 STORE https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/goblin-sword-shield-animset DL: -=Stripped Content=- Animation List: Idle 4 Attack 4 Avoid 2 defence 2 Dead 3 Bound 4 (This 4 motion are the same motions as the Goblin Warrior AnimSet) hit 2 Rise 1 Roll 2 move 2 (walk & Run)...
  16. Unreal Asset 4.27 4.26  Platform Animation

    UE4 STROE https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/zh-CN/product/platform-animation DL:-=Stripped Content=- Features: (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of the product) Animation for side scrolling Root animation 9 types of weapon action All animation root motion...
  17. Unreal Asset 4.27 4.26  Essential Spear And Shield Animation Pack (v 1.0)

    UE4 STORE https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/zh-CN/product/essential-spear-and-shield-animation-pack This package includes essential animations for a character with spear & shield combat style, with a playable character blueprint. Recommended for an action RPG game. Animation list ...
  18. Unreal Asset 4.27 4.26  Powerful Fighter Pack(Can be used with Sword Pack)

    UE4 STORE https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/zh-CN/product/powerful-fighter-pack DL:-=Stripped Content=- - Total 384 - Movement_Root : 27 Movement_Inplace : 26 Turn_in_place_Root : 10 Turn_in_place_Inplace : 10 Crouch_Root : 11 Crouch_Inplace : 11 Idle To Move_Root : 2...
  19. Unreal Asset 4.26  Two types Powerful Sword Pack

    https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/product/grruzam-powerful-sword-pack Motion with Jump / Double Jump / JumpAttack motion added Root up and down motion + Zeroheight. No need to re-target animations if using the default Unreal Mannequin. Movement(Walk/Run/Jogging) provides both root...
  20. Unreal Asset 4.26  Essential Sword & Shield Animations UE4

    https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/product/essential-sword-shield-animations Hand-crafted sword & shield combat animations Movement animations including walking, jogging, running, dodging, rolling, jumping and etc. Playable character with sword & shield combat based on UE Third Person...

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